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SMARTalk for iOS!

How to install/use the  "SMARTalk" app.

  1. Go to the "SMARTalk" website ( and click on "App Store" to download/install  the app.


  2. Download "SMARTalk "from the App Store. 


  3. Go back to the top page ( and click on "MYPAGE".  A login screen will then come up.


  4. Enter your email address and password . Then, click on the "login" button below.


  5. Go to "User Account Information" and confirm your SIP Account and SIP Account Password.
    Those credentials will be required when you login from the smartphone App.


  6. Open "SMARTalk" and it shows "new account" screen. Enter your SIP Account and SIP Password  on the "new account" screen. Click "Save" at the bottom when completed.

  7. Check the color of the upper left number. If it's white, you can make a call.
    If it's gray, you are not connected. 

    * If you find gray number on the upper left , there has been a "login error".
    Please go to menu on the upper right screen and select "Account" . Please re-enter correct account name and password.

Available on the App Store Android App on Google play